Felipe (mananahalf) wrote,

busy month - funerals, engagements, weddings, relatives visiting - there was a movie like this

Clayton's funeral was on friday afternoon, a whole lot of us from work left work early and was fair drive. The family tried to make it a casual celebration (no black etc) and it was good, as good as could be expected I guess. One of his friend's was MC and did an awesome job. Still, can't help but be terribly sad when a dead body is being carried out of the room. He was a mad Liverpool fan, so naturally they played "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the end of the funeral. That song gets me everytime, sad even at the best of times.

The wake afterwards was good, the family and Jen were great. Had lots to drink and a lot of us had a drunken game of football. Was wearing my work clothes and my shirt got ripped, but he was always so competitive, am sure he would've played in his work clothes too.

Am slowly piecing together what happened at the bucks night on saturday.

Burnt Toast says:
hey Doggy...spoke to Arty and he recalls you banging your head on the bricks
The Darrel says:
hahaha! which bricks were they?
Burnt Toast says:
when we were sitting down with wayno on the bricked area near the lawn....aka the chuck up zone
The Darrel says:
oh, don't remember sitting down with Wayno. Argh, funny shit
Burnt Toast says:
apparently you leant back and then banged your head....brought it up and then did it again
Burnt Toast says:
The Darrel says:
The Darrel says:
damn, i wish i could remember that.
The Darrel says:
why weren't you pulling the piss out of me for that trick?
Burnt Toast says:
I probably was in father mode
Burnt Toast says:
I recalled pulling you leg out of the way of your own vomit
The Darrel says:
hee....there's never a bad time to pull the piss out of someone for stupid behaviour
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nothing says true friendship like pulling one's body parts out of the line of fire

you must have been banging your head for thinking a thought when you know i told you thinking was bad for your health.
True, you weren't there to do the thinking for me. Was always going to be dangerous.

If you agree to pull my bodyparts out of the line of fire, I will agree to wake you up on time in the morning after putting you to sleep with boring sex. Deal?
your head was just confused after so many years of misuse. *pets it*

deal if you also promise to scoop the kitty litter, oh and fold my laundry. woo
Just so you have fair warning, nothing turns me on like scooping kitty litter and folding laundry. I'll be a raging hornbag by late evening and ready to go off like a firecracker in the sack.
just don't forget to scoop the litter when you are done using it ;)

but if the cats start peeing to mark their territory as a result, then you will have to go back to using your sock like normal. your sock, NOT MINE.
hahaha....you will lend me your cookie monsta socks?

since when are my dirty socks wank material? ;)
my poor puppy *pets*.

stop abusing yourself so. you'll get over Lizz someday. No need to damage the puppy goods.
Yes, the stripper must have reminded me of lizz and trigerred that reaction.

Don't fret. Most of the puppy goods are still in one piece, I just have a strange looking gash under my hair now. Got haircut today so I can show off how manly and intelligent it looks. Am trying to find photos of me passed out in my own vomit. Will be sure to pass them on to you.
Oh good. I'll need those pictures in order to warn future Lizz lookalikes.

Am glad puppy goods are all safe and secure.
The goods are great. Went to see my stylist Bruno after work today. He is an artist and treats every strand of my hair as if it was his own.

Really, is there any reason for a guy giving another guy a short haircut to take over half an hour? I felt very vulnerable.
Damn it puppy! I told you before! You don't need to sedate someone to give them a hair cut! Check the puppy goods again. Do they look abused?
Hee! Good point. I think he's still trying to gain my trust before he tries the sedation. That's why I had to stop going to the dentist too. The goods have always looked abused, in one piece, but abused.
Poor puppy goods. They need a new owner.