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Tomorrow is Wayne's wedding

have gotten new shoes, socks, underpant and clipped nails as I am a v.good friend. Have to be at his house by 9:30am, wedding ceremony starts at 1pm. The reception is only one block away from the cathedral but doesn't start until 5pm. I will be very bored all day, that's going to be over 3 hours(!) of pictures after the wedding at various locations. I am not a professional model, I cannot handle such long and arduous photoshoots. It is true that the modelling industry isn't as glamourous as it seems. He also does not want me drinking tomorrow, in case I make a scene and embarrasss him. How can I last the whole day dry? It won't happen and is inhumane. I've told him that he can let me drink a reasonable amount and have a slightly quirky, oddball doggie entertain the masses, or he can try to explain the scene that him trying to physically restrain me from touching a bottle will cause.
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