Felipe (mananahalf) wrote,

post christmas roundup

had a decent christmas time this year, lots of alcohol consumed when relatives visited and bought my sisters better gifts than they got me, so I have the right to guilt and bully them for another 12 months. Went over to a friends house after family lunch and free-loaded off them also. Have probably put on lots of weight, will have to exercise sometime this weekend I guess, if i can get off my ass in this heat. Much alochol was consumed on the thursday, was good. Followed by the traditional karaoke expression session. The highlight of course being, my powerful and emotion rendition of Bon Jovi's (control yourself Susan) Always. I rocked the house and undoubtedly the laydees loved it. There was not a dry orifice left in the house by the time I had belted out the final note.

Has been an expensive december though, may do some overtime at work tomorrow depending on when I manage to wake up. Could do with some extra cash and have a heap of work piled up that I need to do too. Need to work out what to do for New Year's now. Am going to a function at the racetrack on New year's day, where there'll be copious amounts of heavy gmalbing, drinking, perving and petting. Not sure what is happening the previous night yet. Will see if someone can organise something to entertain me.
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