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kids nowadays

At work at the tv station on sunday, had two other chicks there working with me. One of which is a 17 year old girl on work experience who spent the whole day talking about all the girls she has made out with since she was 12 and the threesomes she as had. She even organised a threesome with the girl who is my tape operator and her 33 year old boyfriend right on front of me. Do I look like the pool cleaner boy or something? Was a bit uncomfortable with it all, never realised I was so out of touch and vanilla. Always took pride in the fact that the youngsters found me cool, but I am obviously a stuffy old man now.

But in good work news, have gotten a new job. Working at the Director of Public Prosecutions office doing office work, support for the lawyers, background checks and the like. Sounds fairly interesting, as during the interview they wanted to know if I get squeamish dealing with murder evidence and asked questions which anyone who has ever watched law and order would know the answer to. Apparently also want me to drive an 8 seater as part of the job, which has me wondering if i have to drive around a van full of criminals, hope they arm me to the teeth with pepper spray or something. Job is full-time and a 6 month contract and is based in the CBD, which is good. Start tomorrow so am excited, need to learn how to dress in long pants and tie.
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