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Respect to all the mothers, yo.

Have been laid low in bed most of the time since Thursday night with cold/flu/blocked sinusy something or other. Not good times, had mother's day brunch on sunday which consisted of a big bowl of fat, then went to work like the dedicated trooper that I am. Was supposed to go to friend's birthday later that night also, but wasn't up to it and thoughtfully decided not to spread diseases.

On the muppet front it was a huge weekend, with Kermit's Rainbow Connection video strangely popping up on a music video show at 3am. There needs to be more kermit playing the bango late at night. then on the Disney channel there was the original muppets movie and that other crappy muppet pirate movie. Stayed up most of last night watching the fucking Lakers comeback to beat the Spurs, boo! The Spurs better take care of homecourt or I will get very upset.

Feel a bit better after the muppet treatment and played basketball tonight, working up a sweat has probably done me some good.
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