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Did not really watch the Oscars,

but if I did here’s what I would’ve said about them.


Pretty funny too see the crowd turn on Michael Moore after he got a standing o. It was like I was watching a good guy turn bad at a wrestling show. Still he must have known that wouldn’t go down well at that point in time. Especially since what he does, although very polished and innovative, is not really documentary in the true sense of the word. He gives his own version of the truth in his doccos and doesn’t do much to present both sides of the argument, so he can’t really have a go at the govt for doing the same thing. Still he’s an entertaining sumbitch, and usually takes on powerful targets, so he’s alright in my book. And yay for our Nicole. She has really kicked on after getting rid of lil’ Thomas. Shows how far a gal can further her career when she’s not being held back by cute, little gayboys. Not that I know anyone like that.

At work today we were going through a tape of one of Nicole's very first movies 'BMX Bandits'. We will be airing this movie in the next couple of weeks in honour of the oscar winner and it is quite amusing. Must remember to help the production guy to make a promo for this movie that pulls this piss sufficiently. Get this movie out if you have the chance.

Lost my mixed netball grand final on tuesday night. Got a bit pissed-off as my teammates kept barking orders at me despite the fact I was doing my best fucking superman impersonation out on the court. Not my fault the guy I was defending was Godzilla without the brains. Still lost again, am always destined to be the bridesmaid.

Team went out after the game for dinner and I think I was poisoned by a dodgy plate of carbonari. Not feeling too good at the moment and my chest is all congestedy. Maybe they gave me a case of that deadly asian flu. Still we were undercharged for the meal, so I can't complain.
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