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Since my loyal readers last joined me on my fantastic voyage not a great deal has happened. Last week went to my friend's engagement party, had quite a fun time actually which surprised me a bit. Was at the home of the bride's parents, very fancy establishment. Highlights of the evening included the drunken priest stumble through his speech, constantly forgetting the name of the groom-to-be and his parents and the obligatory "you kids today have no morals" rant. But he was just the lead-up act to the true star of proceedings, crazy uncle Desmond who kept the crowd bopping along well in to the wee hours, starting with a heartfelt ditty welcoming us all into their family. He then moved on to play a bevvy of Elvis tunes on the trusty acoustic guitar and moved through a few requests before finally finishing with the ever-popular "I Like to Play With My Ding-A-Ling" as the final encore. I would mention that is my song, but really it's more than that, to me it's a way of life. There was much eating, drinking and dancing, and I managed to spike the drinks of many of the young kiddies running around the party to keep myself entertained the whole time. I live to corrupt the youth. The happy couple used our gift this weekend and enjoyed themselves at the hotel very much living it up like royalty.

Well moving on to last weekend the heat was scorching hot here in Perth. Three days in a row of over 40 degrees celsius (fucking hot for those who need a conversion from Fahrenheit) and it's supposed to be Autumn now. Meant I didn't stray far from the air-con on the weekend. Went to work on Monday, lots of strange stuff goes on there. Heard a story that last week a new weather presenter's mic was left open when ads were airing and the statement "no-one watches this fucking station anyway" could clearly be heard on air. Ha! I love that place, everyone is just so incompetent. Was the only regular guy on my shift this Monday, as one of the guys as left to go over East and my partner in crime was doing some acting out in the countryside. The female presenter/voice-over girl who usually hangs out with us and cops most of our harassment, made the comment that it wasn't the same without the other two guys there. And said that we were like chinese takeaway in that I was the spicy chicken, the other young guy was the noodle and the old bloke who left was the prawn cracker. Analogy amused me anyway, although I can't imagine I need other people to be entertaining (although I guess the chicken is the best part), I'm a one man party dammit! I think a more accurate description would have been I was Larry and the other two were Curly and Mo, who were just there so I could crack their heads together for a laugh. Or was Larry the gay Stooge? I don't really know. Still am fond of girl as she brings us in choccie to eat at work every week. Why doesn't everyone do that?

Played my basketball semi-final last night and we got thrashed, was very tired and angry at the end of the game. We won the past two seasons, so fell short of our three-peat. One of my friends was supposed to play and we normally travel down to the game together, but couldn't get in contact with him last night. Am a tad worried as he has a history of serious illness and was currently needing to take important medication after an operation in which he had a chunk of his intestines removed. He also has some kind of mesh inside him to support his stomach from collapsing. He would always call me if he was going to miss a game so concerned he may have had to go back into the hospital again. Will have to try to find out what happened again tonight.
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